Technical Documentation

After an account has been approved to create games, a section called "Developer Dashboard" will show up when logged on VXG.
Upon a click, you will see two buttons "Games" and "Providers". In each, your games will be listed.
You will be asked if you want to create a game/provider since it is impossible to delete an already created game/provider!
After you created a game/provider, you can now edit it. Note that you need to click "Save Changes" after introducing any changes for them to persist!


The provider settings are short. You can set the provider's name and a URL where users will be redirected to connect their accounts.
Below you can see a section "API Key". Click on the "Copy" button on the right to copy it to the clipboard.


The game settings are substantially longer. You are to set the name of the game, its description, and the provider used - you will have all your providers to choose from and any implemented natively by VXG.
In the "Background" section you can set the background of your game that players will see when entering a link to the game.
Then, similarly to an analogous section in the provider settings, you can copy the API key to your game.
The preview link is a preview for your game where VXG created a gaming pool for you with a buy-in of 0. This can be used to see the background of the game, as well as play a test match to see whether integration works.
Below there is a "Gaming Pools" section. You can add gaming pools to a game. You can set the name, short name, internal name (used for internal communication), and how teams are divided and you can set the game's icon.
The UI will ask you if you really want to create a game pool since it is impossible to delete an already created game pool!