❓4. Do I need a Wallet?

It's up to the users to decide if they need or want an external wallet!

4.1 Profiles without Wallets

Gamers don't need to have a wallet. However, it's wise to have a wallet to experience another level of Esports.

The reason behind this is that VXG is a non-custodial platform, meaning all the rewards we give belong to the user and solely to them. We assign all rewards to user profiles and when a wallet is connected they have the option to claim their unclaimed rewards.

4.2 Profiles with Wallets (i.e. Metamask)

Gamers with wallets don't need to claim any reward because they already signed in with a supported wallet and that gives them ownership of the rewards (USD) they won in events.

Example: A person plays a free event with a prize pool (100 VXG Points + $2 USD) and finishes in a paid place. The user doesn't need to claim any prize.

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