Create automated events in a few click and earn a share of the fees

We designed a UGC tool to allow creators to leverage their interactions with fans, brands to gamify experiences, and gaming guilds to generate revenue and create their own leagues seamlessly.

Create your automated online events

  1. Go to the creator space and click on 'Create a tournament'

  2. Type in the tournament name, description and upload an image.

  3. Select the game and the event type

  4. Select the Prize Pool type: - Set: The prize pool is set and deposited by the creator - Accumulating: The prize pool is generated by the amount of Buy-ins - Free: The event is free, and there is no prize pool

  5. Click on 'Create' to schedule your tournament

  6. Set the Tournament date and time

  7. If you wish to repeat the event then creators can set the frequency-time

  8. Click on 'Save Schedule'. Your tournament is now live for gamers to register.

  9. Your tournament

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