❓1. Create an Account

This tutorial helps you to set up the tools you need to play in VXG and start your Esports journey.

Step 1.1 Create a valid login method

More login/signup methods will come soon

We will add more login methods to VXG but for now, Email and Metamask are the only options.

Email Account

Ensure you have a valid email address and create an account with VXG.

  1. Click on "Login" (Top Right) as the picture below shows

  2. Select your preferred method (Email or Wallet)

  3. If Email is the selected option please follow the instructions in the picture below

  4. If you selected the Wallet option to create an account, follow the instructions below

Step 4. applies to Gamers who have or want to use a third-party wallet and experience a new level of ownership.

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