Initial VXG Distribution and Allocation

Team Distribution

The Founding Team Distribution will be on a 3-year linear vesting schedule. The unvested tokens will be transferred to the respective team member wallets but the smart contract will only allow those tokens to unlock for the individual on the vesting schedule. Using this structure, the DAO will not have to make multiple gas-costing transfers to team members and reduces attack risk.

Founding Team Distribution tokens, while not transferable during the vesting schedule, are voteable during this time. As such, the VXG DAO Trust can start its work very early in the project timeline and rely on the governance leadership of the Founding Team to decline over time with token distribution. This means $VXG holders will have a clear roadmap on decentralization from the very beginning and not risk a perpetual “we will decentralize to the DAO someday” story that never becomes real.

Total Supply: 1,000,000,000 VXG

Team Allocation: 200,000,000 VXG

Team Percentage: 20%

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