VXG Trust

The VXG DAO will be legally structured as a trust organized for the benefit of the $VXG token holders. The Founding Team will be the initial trustees, but their positions will be subject to community votes.
To the extent necessary, the VXG DAO Trust will be authorized to own subsidiary corporations should a corporate form become advantageous for some aspect of the VXG DAO in the future.
One obvious example of where this may become advantageous is if VXG started supporting games in the future that are not skill-based but chance-based. Under most gambling laws worldwide, while a skill-based prize pool is not regulated gambling, chance-based is considered gambling. In such a circumstance, VXG DAO may find it advantageous to have the chance-based game organized by a regulated and licensed gambling corporation. In that case, the profits of that subsidiary corporation would be remitted to the VXG DAO Trust that owns the corporation, and those proceeds used for the benefit of $VXG token holders.
As the beneficiaries of the VXG DAO Trust are the $VXG token holders, those token holders also have the exclusive rights to vote on material VXG DAO Trust decisions and elect VXG DAO Trustees (see Governance section).
Last modified 1mo ago