About us
Venture X Gaming

What is VXG?

VXG is an Esports online platform where people go to find their favourite games, play directly with other players or their communities, and developers publish games. We reward everyone according to their skills. With Venture X Gaming, Developers earn by publishing games, Content Creators increase their revenue, and players compete in reliable games to win money.
E-Sports Revenue 2020
Traditional Esports is far from perfect. One of the underdeveloped areas is skill monetization.
Gamers do not have access to a reliable & secure platform, accessible stakes according to their risk tolerance, and a platform to start an independent Esports career.
We bring safety and fun to gamers with new ways to increase revenue for players, content creators and game developers.

VXG Core Values

  • Transparency
  • Integrity
  • Community
  • Diversity