Game Developers

Developers are allowed to use VXG as a monetization layer with their own game, which can be considered a "web2 game", so blockchain awareness isn't needed, though it's not forbidden.
VXG needs two components to work with any game:
  • provider - it is responsible for linking an account with VXG, provides player's id. For a standalone game you will need to implement it, but if you use a popular provider, you may choose from those already implemented by VXG, such as Steam.
  • game - it is responsible for creating matches between players, as VXG requests and feeding information about a winner back to the VXG. An example is Lichess or CS:GO.
Right now, as VXG hasn't officially launched, we are allowing only whitelisted games to come. If you want to add a game and join the whitelist, contact us at [email protected] This email can also be used for raising any inquiries concerning the API and interface and posting feedback or requesting features.