Venture X Gaming Improvement Proposals
Proposal Meter
Agreement Check
VXG IP Implementation
VXG uses the Proposal Meter as an indicator that suggests a careful look from the team and eventually a collaboration with the proposal creator.
  • Launch a vote in the appropriate channel (Discord)
  • Follow the VXG template for a binary vote
  • State the scope and need for the improvement, bug or implementation
  • The vote is open for three days and if accepted by the community move to the Agreement Check phase
  • If categorized as a Critical priority the proposal can be sped up to mitigate possible risks
Proposal Meter initiation requirements:
  • A Verified user on Discord
  • VXG IP Template correctly filled in
  • Initiate the Proposal meter in the correct Discord channel
The goal of the Agreement Check is to explore the different options via a formal discussion, detail the action plan of the proposal implementation so it can be communicated and shared via the official voting platforms. If during the discussions or analysis the current proposal is identified as non-beneficial, VXG will cancel the Improvement Proposal and communicate to the community.
  • Gather community feedback from the Proposal Meter
  • Discuss the options on the table to mitigate, improve or implement the proposal
  • Document the discussions to communicate via official channels
  • Setup the voting in the VXG voting platforms
Discussions will take five days maximum and three days for voting. If after voting the No Change option is chosen the proposal is cancelled. If the proposal is categorized as Critical speeds up the Agreement Check stage. Votes are counted through veVXG and each veVXG equals one vote.
Voting Requirements:
  • Minimum 1k veVXG (Silver Ranking)
  • If the VXG IP creator does not hold 1k veVXG, it will be held a delegation phase to the IP creator
To get into the final stage of a VXG IP means the community has voted and the majority agrees that an action must be taken.
During the Agreement Check stage, the involved members detailed an action plan to share with the community. Furthermore, VXG adds the proposal to the backlog so it can be visible to the team and depending on the VXG IP priority a timeline is set.
If the proposal involves any coding effort, all tasks will be added to the VXG backlog using agile methodologies and the board shared with the community.
Please check our DAO Program - Community Incentives tab.
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