Introducing VXG token
We have committed to the ideals of security, and immutability, all critical requirements for a future where anyone can access gaming liquidity without roadblocks or external risks.
The introduction of VXG (ERC-20) allows community ownership and a unique, diverse governance system that actively drives the protocol towards the VXG future.
VXGaming strongly believes in trustless operations, and with that accomplishment, the VXG token formally exalts VXGaming as an open and self-sustainable ecosystem while preserving its qualities to benefit the $VXG holders.
Ticker: VXG
DAO Governance
$VXG On-Platform

Decentralization Process

VXG started with the vision to become a fully decentralized gaming community, but to speed up the bureaucracy and to put the ball rolling regarding the tech side, the founding team decided to elaborate a decentralization plan and rollout according to each stage in the roadmap.
The transition to community governance will be executed with a determined emphasis on security, solidity and the objective of increasing decentralization.
The community within VXG are encouraged to participate in the governance proposals and claim platform bounties or rewards. These mechanics lead to an automated ecosystem, and in return, VXG grows consistently to accommodate the community's needs.
As soon as the governance system is in a decentralized trustworthy mode, we’ll remove any centralized action from the ecosystem.
Check our DAO Roadmap section.
We’ll be releasing more components of this program in the coming months!

Uses for $VXG On-Platform

Token balance defines the platform Ranking. One key aspect of the in-game benefits for a VXG user is what that user’s Ranking is.
The Ranking affects, for example, the per-game fees charged by VXG to that user. See the Ranking Section for details on the initial Ranking levels and benefits.
Since $VXG is not creating a staking-based tokenomics model, users do not have to stake their $VXG to gain the Ranking benefits of owning $VXG.
This makes $VXG ownership easier and lower gas-cost for token holders.

Community Voting

As discussed in the DAO Trust section and VXG IP, the VXG DAO Trust has only one legal purpose: to benefit the $VXG token holder. As such, each $VXG token holder is a beneficiary of the VXG DAO Trust and $VXG token holders have the right to vote on VXG DAO Trustees and material VXG DAO Trust decisions.

$VXG as a Platform Currency

While the Platform will launch with a stablecoin as the only currency, the roadmap calls for $VXG to become the second currency officially supported.